On March 5th 2018 at the Monthly meeting of the Westchester County Veterans Advisory Committee ,
Deputy County Executive  Ken Jenkins and Westchester County Director of the Veterans Service
Agency Ron Tocci,  Honored
Robert (Big Bob) McGuril Chair person of the Advisory Board.

Big Bob Received a proclamation, Plaque and a Westchester county Distinguished Service Medal, the
highest medal given to a resident of Westchester County

Big Bob not only received a proclamation and plaque but also received from Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Tocci
Big Bob has held so many titles it's hard to keep up with him. His dedication to helping veterans, is
second to none Big Bob is a true hero in any sense of the word,  when the American Legion came up
with their motto "Veterans helping Veterans" they must have foreseen  Big Bob.

As Mr. Tocci always says when you need something done, "Big Bob is the go to guy",  we could go on
and on of all the accomplishments he has made, not only in Westchester but the Five counties .

His work as a volunteer in Montrose is extraordinary never stopping even when he himself is not feeling
up to par.

Big Bob has always maintained he is proud to be a member of Pelham Post 50.


Big Bob always ends his conversation with GOD BLESS

Ill end by saying God Bless You  Big Bob.